Sunday, September 19, 2010


In remembrance of 9/11, our elementary school holds an annual tribute and flag raising ceremony. The 5th grade asks for volunteers to help with the color guard. Josh was one of four that volunteered. I was deeply touched by the flyer his teacher sent home in preparation for this ceremony. She requested that the four scouts come to school 45 minutes early every day that week in preparation. She wanted the boys to practice and become proficient at handling the flag for the ceremony. She stressed the importance of having a solemn, reverent atmosphere to help maintain the meaning of the Sept. 11. The program included a simple, but poignant message from the principal, the singing of patriotic songs, quotes from past U.S. Presidents and former First Ladies, the flag raising, then lowering to half mast, followed at the end by a moment of silence. I could not stop crying! I feel so indebted to God for the privilege of living in this divinely prepared country. I feel sad at the loss of life on 9/11/01. I felt moved and grateful for the time and preparation our children's school put into honoring Patriot Day. Not very many schools in our area have any kind of recognition. (Actually, not many do outside Idaho either, I learned from out-of-state friends.)
I sensed strongly that Josh felt the solemnity of the occasion; largely due in part to the manner in which his teacher handled the preparations.
On the evening of Sept. 11, the Idaho FAlls Symphony held an outdoor concert at Freeman Park, along the greenbelt here in Idaho FAlls. They opened with the City Firefighters Pipes & Drums playing. One of the men became emotional as he expressed his gratitude to his fellow 'brothers' who sacrificed their lives to try and save victims in the Trade Center. The conductor concluded the evening's performance with a moment of silence.
The kids wrestling before the concert...
The Mister and me...
My sweet Emma, and our picnic dinner.

The evil terrorists may destroy the foundations of our buildings, but they will not destroy the foundation of our country.

Do you remember where you were and what you were doing when you heard about the terrorist attacks on 9/11/01?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Obligatory Front Porch Photos...

Caleb and Mrs. Gale... don't be fooled by that stoic expression of boredom and apathy...
Snazzy new school clothes, ready for afternoon kindergarten!
My 5th grader and 3rd grader! We woke up to rain and a chill in the air, but their anticipation is breaking through the clouds!