Sunday, April 25, 2010

Random Thoughts from Last Week

* Yesterday we splurged and purchased a camcorder. I am ashamed to say we haven't recorded anything in years. The Practical Annalee said, "Don't do it. It's not a need; it's a want." But the Sentimental Annalee said, "What if I get old and can't remember the sound of my childrens laughter?"

* I love the word didgeridoo. It's an Australian musical wind instrument. Say it a few times. You won't be able to stop. I dare you. DIDGERIDOO! DIDGERIDOO! (Insert advice here ~ don't repeat it over and over while your significant other is trying to get frisky with you, however. He probably won't appreciate it's vocabulary significance after that.)

* Josh was very ill last week with strep. How grateful I am for antibiotics. The doctors treat Strep so aggressively because that particular bacteria releases fatal toxins into the vital organs and can cause death if untreated. Elder James E. Talmage died of strep throat just a few months before penicillin was invented.

* I love my husband's hands. They are handsome hands and they serve and bless our family as well as others. A neighbor who is less active called him to help him administer a blessing to his wife a few nights ago. This neighbor was nervous about giving a blessing because it had been years since he had given one. These same hands do the dinner dishes every night, and make bunk beds for the kids, and tenderly wipe away tears of crying toddlers...God, how I love that man!

* The Mister and I were watching the last Nuggets/Jazz game the other night and we loved seeing President Uchtdorf intently watching the game from his courtside seat! It was my favorite part of the game... (that, and eating chocolate covered cinnamon bears, of course.)

* I love American Idol. I just wish America would vote off Fabio. He may be eye candy, but he's got the least amount of talent on the show, if you ask my humble opinion.

* Our 8-year old (a.k.a. Punky Brewster) is getting baptized this Saturday. We are thrilled. Tomorrow night for a special Family Home Evening, we are going to use our newly purchased camcorder and record each of the kids sharing their testimony, and singing primary songs. Then we'll watch them on the t.v. afterwards while eating Orange Smoothies.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Funny Emma

One recent evening, the Mister and I went to the temple. My sister babysat the kids while we went. Taped to the outside of the garage door was a note by Emma, which said:

"Sarah and I have been transported to another world, but don't worry. The other kids are safe.
I love you,

A couple of weeks ago, this same Emma lost one of her front teeth, but lost it sometime between losing it and bedtime, sooo... here is her letter to the Tooth Fair:

"Dear Tooth fairy,

I love you. I wish I could see you. I cannot find my tooth. I really like a lot of money, but I only have $2.00.
I really want money. I really want to find my tooth, but I looked everywhere. Your best pal,
Emma Kelly"

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


"Studying Joseph of Egypt, we see that the wait for rescue may sometimes be long, the days trying, but God wants our faith to be a sturdy thing. In fact, life will demand it and would not be according to it's purpose if we could squeak by with a fragile faith that shredded in the winds of adversity. God is making something of us that could not be forged in easier circumstances. How can He come to count on us unless He teaches us the strength of one, who can, in fact, be counted on."

(Meridian Magazine, 4/20/10; Maurine Jensen Proctor)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Poetry for Today

I am sick of four walls and a ceiling. I have need of the sky. I have business with the grass.

~Richard Hovey

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring (Winter) Break 2010

Easter Egg Hunt at Amber and Andrew's.
Friday, April 2, we had a barbeque with our old neighbors. Some of the greatest women I've ever rubbed shoulders with. The Fraughtons, Torgersen's and Cottles. (Thanks for organizing that, everybody! I miss you all:) )

Easter Egg Hunt at the Cottle's.
Emma's birthday! April 1... We woke up to Amber cooking Emma's favorite breakfast ~ waffles. Then we took her shopping to Deseret Book, where we bought her her very first official CTR ring.
My sweet sis-in-law insisted on baking Emma a strawberry cream cake for her birthday. Had it not been for Amber's culinary skills, we wouldn't have had one!
Emma's birthday the Old Spaghetti Factory in Salt Lake. This is my big brother Paul, his wife Becky and Elia. (plus one on the way and two other sons seated at another table.) Thanks for coming to celebrate with us, Paul and company!
More cousins, my younger brother Andrew and sister Sarah...
Riding the TRAX into Trolley Square for Emma's dinner...gorgeous sisters, no?
Day 1 and Day 5 of our Utah journey... Peter Priers Violin Shop. My violin needed some work done, so this is "The Violin Doctor". Expensive, but necessary. 200 South, SLC, Utah. Yes, it snowed every day we were down in Utah for Winter Break. Uhh, I mean, Spring Break.