Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring (Winter) Break 2010

Easter Egg Hunt at Amber and Andrew's.
Friday, April 2, we had a barbeque with our old neighbors. Some of the greatest women I've ever rubbed shoulders with. The Fraughtons, Torgersen's and Cottles. (Thanks for organizing that, everybody! I miss you all:) )

Easter Egg Hunt at the Cottle's.
Emma's birthday! April 1... We woke up to Amber cooking Emma's favorite breakfast ~ waffles. Then we took her shopping to Deseret Book, where we bought her her very first official CTR ring.
My sweet sis-in-law insisted on baking Emma a strawberry cream cake for her birthday. Had it not been for Amber's culinary skills, we wouldn't have had one!
Emma's birthday the Old Spaghetti Factory in Salt Lake. This is my big brother Paul, his wife Becky and Elia. (plus one on the way and two other sons seated at another table.) Thanks for coming to celebrate with us, Paul and company!
More cousins, my younger brother Andrew and sister Sarah...
Riding the TRAX into Trolley Square for Emma's dinner...gorgeous sisters, no?
Day 1 and Day 5 of our Utah journey... Peter Priers Violin Shop. My violin needed some work done, so this is "The Violin Doctor". Expensive, but necessary. 200 South, SLC, Utah. Yes, it snowed every day we were down in Utah for Winter Break. Uhh, I mean, Spring Break.

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