Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Gratitude #24

I'm grateful for family, friends, food, shelter, my covenants, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, good health and living in this area. I'm also thankful for my husband's work, and for the opportunity I have to teach violin.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gratitude #23

... pie baking w/ Kathryn, the Mister's sister from New York. Just in case you're wondering, we did 1 apple, 2 pumpkin, 2 pecan, 1 key lime. All from scratch-o.

... the Mister took Josh and our NY nephew Sam out shooting. Beautiful November weather.

... seeing "The Help" with my mama-in-law and sisters-in-law.

... I'm so grateful I don't have to hire a nanny or 'help' to raise my babies.

... kids making memories with their cousins.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Meridian Magazine - Are You a Working Mother? Yes! - Meridian Magazine - LDS, Mormon and Latter-day Saint News and Views

Love this article.

Gratitude #22

I'm grateful the Endoscopy is done. I'm just waiting for pathology results...

I'm grateful for my sisters-in-law (Ruth & Kathryn) who took care of my kids all day so I could have the procedure done, then rest this afternoon.

I'm grateful for the Mister's boss. Who has connections... Big Boss Man called his mechanic friend in Shelley, and Mechanic Man will be able to fix our van for $200. As opposed to the $1000 we were estimating otherwise.

I'm grateful for the Mister, who was my designated driver today. And helps me focus when I feel physical pain and discomfort.

I'm grateful for my BFF Danielle. We've roughed a lot of storms since our high school graduation together, and she still gets me. Even if we haven't talked in a few months.

I'm grateful for my mama. She understands physical pain all too well. There's always something about talking to your mama when you don't feel well.

I'm grateful for Jesus Christ. He understands every kind of pain, both physical, emotional, spiritual. That makes Him able to succor us.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Gratitude #21

... I'm grateful for our awesome home teacher, Brother Bailey. More car trouble, and he showed up tonight ready to work on the car.

...great violin students.

... broccoli asiago soup.

... good morning kisses from the Mister.

... Book of Mormon family reading.

... great neighbors.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Gratitude #20

... we had a big FHE and watched "17 Miracles". The Mister's NY sis and her kids, as well as his parents came over to watch it and eat orange rolls. Even though it was my second time to see it, I couldn't stop weeping. Seeing my almost-12-year-old cry through it touched my heart. It truly strengthens my resolve to keep my face toward Zion.

... during the movie, Caleb said, "Prayers are magic!"

... I am having my endoscopy on Tuesday, and we just found out we have to pay a bunch of $ up front as a deposit for the doctor and the Surgical Center. Freaking out, I said to the Mister, "Hold off paying the tithing until next Sunday, so we make sure we have enough for the tests."

"I would rather take back some of the Christmas gifts and pay tithing on time than to delay payment," said he.

He has greater faith than me.

Ouch. So pay, we did. And life will be okay. Because we have to sacrifice better than our pioneer ancestors in order to keep our face toward Zion, even when it's expensive.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Gratitude #19

I'm grateful for this reminder:
"When in doubt, choose the kids. There will be plenty of time later to choose work."

I'm grateful for my mother and father-in-law. Tonight we celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Best of all, the whole family was together-- David flew in from Tucson, Kathryn and kids flew in from New York, and we all had a feast in the private room at the Sandpiper.

I'm grateful the Mister (a.k.a. Scrooge) put up outdoor lights this year. And before Thanksgiving!
(but that's only because his brother Dave was here to help him.)

I'm grateful for my older brother Paul. Both of my brothers are two of the funniest humans on earth. I wish I were funnier like them:)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Gratitude #18

... shopping with Lizzy.

... Idaho Falls Symphony dress rehearsal with my older kids.

...visiting with neighbors at play group.

... Thanksgiving break.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Gratitude #17

My 6th grader's winter coat has been MIA for a few days. Today I'm grateful we found it. Just in time for this blasted storm.

I'm grateful for world class musicians in our midst. Today one of my best students had the opportunity to play in a master class for the Idaho Falls Symphony's new conductor, Thomas Heuser, and our concertmaster Emma Rubinstein. I enjoyed visiting with them both afterwards. It stretched my soul...

I'm grateful for the Holy Ghost, who taught me something today. I had been looking forward to attending the Enrichment meeting tonight because it was a turkey dinner with pie demonstrations. However, on the way home from the master class, I had the impression that attending Enrichment is a good choice. But a better choice would be to stay home and bake with my kids, who had been on their own for a couple of hours while I went to the Piano Gallery class.

I'm grateful for my Joseph. He loves and supports me steadily and without complaint. I am not an easy person to live with. Fortunately, he grounds me. And he believes in my abilities and potential, even when I feel like I am failing. Like today. I love that man.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gratitude #16

... today as I was driving into Idaho Falls heading east, I could clearly see the Grand Teton! In November! It was clear and bold and beautiful.

... we just about finished up our Christmas shopping today. Happy Day, in the West.

... a late night slice of my homemade pumpkin pie. With the Mister.

...I love that my kids enjoy the smoothies I make for them. Today: blueberry spinach smoothies.

...Cynthia Taggart invited both of my little ones to play over at her house. They had a blast, and I had a free hour.

... Thrive freeze dried mandarin oranges. Awesome Christmas gifts for in-laws.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Gratitude #15

... hot chocolate. I'm telling you, the hot cocoa mix from the LDS cannery is delish!

... hugs, kisses & snuggling from my chillins.

... the Mister went to Toys R Us and got some of our Christmas shopping done today.

... coupons

... prayer. I lost something critical last night, and after searching everywhere, I could not find it. I went to bed with a heavy heart. I did not sleep well consequently, but when I got up with a sick child at 5 a.m., the Holy Ghost brought to my remembrance one more place I needed to look. Again. More thoroughly. And I found it. Tender mercies, I feel unworthy sometimes. (It's not the good Lord's fault I am so scatterbrained sometimes, but he hears my pleas and blesses me nonetheless.)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Gratitude #14

... the local library.

..."Ferdinand the Bull" story.


... Green Bay is winning, which means one happy Mister.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Gratitude #13

... this quote:

"Gratitude turns what we have into enough." (Thanks, cousin Melissa!)

... for the power of the Book of Mormon in my life. Tonight as I read, I paid particular attention to the word 'remember.'

...homemade pumpkin pie.

...a fun primary class and co-teacher. Today one sweet little 6-year old interrupted our discussion on tithing to ask, "Who made Heavenly Father?"

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Gratitude #12

1. I'm grateful for a clean house. And I have to prioritize this in my blog post, because it ain't likely to stay that way...

2. I'm grateful for my parents' birthdays, which we celebrated tonight. I made chili, breadsticks and pumpkin pie.

3. I'm grateful my kids are becoming good friends. They think it's a privilege to all sleep in one of their bedrooms together. (On the weekends if their rooms are clean.) The whispering and giggling eventually taper down, and they sleep.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Gratitude #11

1. I'm grateful for our country's veterans.

2. I'm grateful I tutored a struggling 6th grader in my son's class today. I pretty much stink at math, but I was supposed to help her learn some of her multiplication facts. She still uses her fingers to count. The only trick I knew was the x 9's with the awesome finger trick. I showed her that, and Rosa grinned from ear to ear. Hopefully she walks a little taller.

3. I'm grateful for Lisa Morales. She watches my back.

4. I am so grateful for my roles as wife and mother. I feel abundant fulfillment loving and raising these children, and supporting and sustaining the choice of my heart.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Gratitude #10

1. I'm thankful for the temple. I did initiatory for a sister born in 1595. As the officiator examined the date and name prior to beginning, she became choked up.

"I've never seen one that old," she cried.
"That's a long time to have to wait for freedom," I replied.

My covenants mean everything to me. It literally is a matter of life or death. And protection from the Adversary. How merciful our Lord is! And how fortunate to have a temple in our shadows!

2. Again, Bee-U-Tee-Full sunset and full moon tonight! I love me some southeast Idaho skies...

3. I'm grateful for ShelfReliance/Thrive... I have been earning an extra $200/month plus about $75 of free gourmet food storage. (Anybody wanna host a part and get tons of yummy free food storage?)


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Gratitude #9

Today I'm thankful for the energy I had to deep clean my daughters' room. It felt good to tackle it and throw away an entire large garbage bag of trash, and another entire large garbage bag of donate-able (is that a word?) used toys.

I'm also grateful for Kid History Episode 6. I love laughing hard with my kids.

I'm grateful for my sisters-in-law. I got to visit with the Mister's sister in New York as well as the one that lives here in town. They are polar opposite, but interesting nonetheless!

I'm grateful for Pampered Chef. It has been a hobby of mine on the side, and last year, in one month, I earned $800, so we purchased a snow blower. Man, that sucker comes in handy with a driveway as long as ours... Anyway, I digress. I love cooking and entertaining, and being a consultant gives me a lot of free items.

I am grateful for our Creator. The weather today was beautiful.

I am grateful for Lizzy. She is such a calm kid, and consequently I can take her with me when I volunteer in my kids' classrooms each week at school. She is a good helper.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Gratitude #8

1. I'm grateful for the Barber Violin Concerto. I learned the first movement in college under Dr. Kevin Call, competed with it in some concerto competitions and haven't touched it in years.
Yesterday NPR played a recording of it and it brought back such powerful emotions. Tchaikovsky tends to have that effect on me, too. I lament that I am unable to play it w/ the IF Symphony in a few weeks. But sometimes family is more important...

2. I'm grateful for the right to vote.

3. I'm grateful all the fruit of my loins were well enough to go to school today.

4. I'm grateful my kids don't ask me to play Barbies on the floor with them very often. It's a fate worse than cleaning up vomit. Almost. Give me Legos, coloring, or puzzles, but don't give me half naked, role-playing Barbie and Ken dolls. With bad hair. My mind goes blank.

5. I am so thankful for this beautiful earth. The sunset tonight was brilliant! "Hey Romeo! Check out the sunset!", I said to the Mister over the phone.

Yup. He walked in the door and planted a good smooch-a-roo on me and thanked me for the heads up.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Gratitude #7

I'm grateful for Elder Uchtdorf's talk on "Forget-Me-Not's"...

I'm grateful for food storage...

I'm grateful for an afternoon nap.

I'm grateful for Caleb's prayers. All 5 minutes of it.

I'm grateful for November's Family Home Evenings where we each contribute to the Gratitude Jar. We open the slips of paper Thanksgiving morning and read what each other wrote. I'm a strong believer in traditions... it's what creates a cohesive family and produces memories that help draw our families closer.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Family PIctures 2011

My baby boy will be 12 next month???
Elizabeth, our bonus baby
Never a dull moment when Caleb is around...
Beautiful and smart Emma

Thanks to the talented and generous Angie Bailey Photography!

Gratitude #6

#1) Today Josh was sick. He asked, "Can I please at least just go to sacrament meeting?"
"Buddy, you're too sick. Why?"
He put his head down and didn't speak.
"Why do you want to go to sacrament meeting today?"
He quietly responded, "Because taking the bread and water is important to me."

I'm thankful for what he taught me today.

#2) I'm thankful for our traditional winter family game nights. The kids crack me up when we play
Apples to Apples!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Gratitude #5

I'm grateful I'm feeling better today.
I'm grateful we were able to get new tires for the Mister's truck today.
I'm grateful Emma said, "Thank you for folding my laundry, mama."

Friday, November 4, 2011

Gratitude #4

#1. I have had some medical issues recently and I will have to have an endoscopy soon.
I am grateful for health insurance.

#2. I was in a lot of pain today, so I called the Mister who promptly came home to give me a blessing and stay with the kids while I went to the doctor. I'm thankful he has a flexible job and that he enjoys his career.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Gratitude Day #3

1. I'm grateful for the Mister's sense of humor.

"Don't be jealous I've been chatting online with babes all night..."

He's not quite scrawny enough to be Kip, and I"m not quite black enough to be LaFawnduh, but it was fun anyhoo.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Gratitude Day #2

Today I'm so thankful for heat. Heat in my vehicle, warm clothing, heat in our home...

At 9:00 this morning, I was in the car (stopped at a red light) at a large intersection near our home. There was only one other car in front of me, and no other traffic around. Seemingly out of nowhere, a transient man approached the car in front of me and started soliciting him. The man seemed aggressive enough to make me uncomfortable. I felt frightened. I also felt sad for the man who had nowhere better to be than on the street corner in 11 degree weather, inadequately dressed.

Random, I know-- but I'm thankful for heat.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Gratitude Day #1

... Today's BYU-I Devotional by Elder Robert Steuer entitled "Reconciliation and the Temple". I'm telling you it was power. I listened to it as I made lunches for tomorrow, corrected math homework, etc. It caused something powerful to stir within my soul. (And it wasn't Hillary Thomas' Italian Meatball Tortellini.)