Saturday, November 19, 2011

Gratitude #19

I'm grateful for this reminder:
"When in doubt, choose the kids. There will be plenty of time later to choose work."

I'm grateful for my mother and father-in-law. Tonight we celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Best of all, the whole family was together-- David flew in from Tucson, Kathryn and kids flew in from New York, and we all had a feast in the private room at the Sandpiper.

I'm grateful the Mister (a.k.a. Scrooge) put up outdoor lights this year. And before Thanksgiving!
(but that's only because his brother Dave was here to help him.)

I'm grateful for my older brother Paul. Both of my brothers are two of the funniest humans on earth. I wish I were funnier like them:)

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Kristine said...

I love that quote. I am saving it to look at often!