Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Gratitude #9

Today I'm thankful for the energy I had to deep clean my daughters' room. It felt good to tackle it and throw away an entire large garbage bag of trash, and another entire large garbage bag of donate-able (is that a word?) used toys.

I'm also grateful for Kid History Episode 6. I love laughing hard with my kids.

I'm grateful for my sisters-in-law. I got to visit with the Mister's sister in New York as well as the one that lives here in town. They are polar opposite, but interesting nonetheless!

I'm grateful for Pampered Chef. It has been a hobby of mine on the side, and last year, in one month, I earned $800, so we purchased a snow blower. Man, that sucker comes in handy with a driveway as long as ours... Anyway, I digress. I love cooking and entertaining, and being a consultant gives me a lot of free items.

I am grateful for our Creator. The weather today was beautiful.

I am grateful for Lizzy. She is such a calm kid, and consequently I can take her with me when I volunteer in my kids' classrooms each week at school. She is a good helper.

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