Sunday, November 20, 2011

Gratitude #20

... we had a big FHE and watched "17 Miracles". The Mister's NY sis and her kids, as well as his parents came over to watch it and eat orange rolls. Even though it was my second time to see it, I couldn't stop weeping. Seeing my almost-12-year-old cry through it touched my heart. It truly strengthens my resolve to keep my face toward Zion.

... during the movie, Caleb said, "Prayers are magic!"

... I am having my endoscopy on Tuesday, and we just found out we have to pay a bunch of $ up front as a deposit for the doctor and the Surgical Center. Freaking out, I said to the Mister, "Hold off paying the tithing until next Sunday, so we make sure we have enough for the tests."

"I would rather take back some of the Christmas gifts and pay tithing on time than to delay payment," said he.

He has greater faith than me.

Ouch. So pay, we did. And life will be okay. Because we have to sacrifice better than our pioneer ancestors in order to keep our face toward Zion, even when it's expensive.

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