Thursday, November 17, 2011

Gratitude #17

My 6th grader's winter coat has been MIA for a few days. Today I'm grateful we found it. Just in time for this blasted storm.

I'm grateful for world class musicians in our midst. Today one of my best students had the opportunity to play in a master class for the Idaho Falls Symphony's new conductor, Thomas Heuser, and our concertmaster Emma Rubinstein. I enjoyed visiting with them both afterwards. It stretched my soul...

I'm grateful for the Holy Ghost, who taught me something today. I had been looking forward to attending the Enrichment meeting tonight because it was a turkey dinner with pie demonstrations. However, on the way home from the master class, I had the impression that attending Enrichment is a good choice. But a better choice would be to stay home and bake with my kids, who had been on their own for a couple of hours while I went to the Piano Gallery class.

I'm grateful for my Joseph. He loves and supports me steadily and without complaint. I am not an easy person to live with. Fortunately, he grounds me. And he believes in my abilities and potential, even when I feel like I am failing. Like today. I love that man.

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