Tuesday, April 20, 2010


"Studying Joseph of Egypt, we see that the wait for rescue may sometimes be long, the days trying, but God wants our faith to be a sturdy thing. In fact, life will demand it and would not be according to it's purpose if we could squeak by with a fragile faith that shredded in the winds of adversity. God is making something of us that could not be forged in easier circumstances. How can He come to count on us unless He teaches us the strength of one, who can, in fact, be counted on."

(Meridian Magazine, 4/20/10; Maurine Jensen Proctor)


MadMadameMim said...

I needed that. Thanks Annalee.

Jessica said...

Hi! About the eggroll, you could try cooking them over a pot of gently boiling water in a food-safe basket or in a wire sieve if you're really desperate. I don't know how else you'd do it... haha.. maybe just rig something up?