Sunday, November 16, 2008

Whole Wheat Berries

A couple of nights ago, we had a 'food storage only' dinner. I made dinner from our food storage, which consisted (gas-x) of shepherd's pie (okay, I cheated and used grated cheese, which is not a food storage item:) and bottled peaches. For the shephed's pie, I used whole wheat berries instead of ground beef. For those of you (gas-x) who didn't know (like me prior to very recently), you can substitute meat with cracked wheat, commonly referred to as 'whole wheat berries'. ??? It turned out okay; not as tasty (gas-x) as meat, but it was actually decent. I woke up the next morning and was a bit upset to see the casserole still sitting out on the stove top. I had made a double batch to eat again the next night, but it was still so hot that I wanted (gas-x) it to cool before I put it in the fridge. When I asked JP why he didn't put it away, as he got drinks for the kids right before bed and would have seen it there. In frustration (gas-x), I complained that it had gone to waste. His reply: "What a tragedy." Hmmm. He was a good sport and ate it, but I put him in charge of dinner the following night. (gas-x). The kids ate it all up -- their little taste buds were none the wiser! I am betting it will be tastier with (gas-x) tacos or spaghetti, where there is more spices and sauce, so I will be continuing to experiment. So if you are looking for a fiber-rich, economical (gas-x)way to rotate your whole wheat, this is it! Anyway, here is the recipe:

Whole Wheat Berries
In a crock pot, pour 9 to 10 cups of water and add 4 cups of wheat and 1 Tbs. salt. Let soak about 8 hours on low. No need to rinse or drain, as the moisture holds a lot of nutritional value as well. Substitute for ground beef, or eat warm with syrup and milk for breakfast. It freezes well. Makes about 12 cups. (Check out for more great practical food storage advice...thanks Leisa!)


crack'n up ourselves said...

HA HA HA HA HA are so funny. I hope you are feeling a little better this morning ( after a lot of gasx)

Sharee said...

You do crack me up! I really appreciated your lesson in church yesterday. I personally am only trying to blog once a week & that includes looking at other people's blogs as well. It is fun to blog but it is also distracting.

The Brown Family said...

Annalee, I don't know what the protocol for 'leaving an answer to a blog comment question' is, so I posted an answer on my blog, but will also answer here just in case you don't check back...

I'm a Little Monkey is just another version of Taca taca stop stop/Mississippi hot dog played on the A string going up to the fourth finger and back down. The words are:

I'm a Little Monkey (open A)
Climbing up the ladder (1)
Climbing to the top to (2)
Pick a pink banana (3)
I'm a little monkey (4)
Climbing down the ladder (3)
Climbing to the ground to (2)
Eat my pink banana (1)
I'm a happy monkey! (open A)

Miss Libby has many twinklers now who are not quite done with all the twinkles, so she uses this when necessary. Grace loves this song and we play it every day just for fun. She likes to surprise me with the color of her banana.

Thanks for the kind comments about my girls violin technique. Maddie is currently taking yet another (!) break from violin, with the hitch that she has to play duets with Hills in church.


Sara said...

Thanks for your comment today- I'm glad I stopped over here because I seriously suck at using my food storage so I'm happy to get some tips!


MadMadameMim said...

well I have to say that is just . . . heartening. I felt the same after that 'wonderful' enrichment on all the different things you can do with whole wheat. It almost makes me wish we had to live on our food storage now, or not. Way to be brave though. Good for you. I'd like to say you inspired me, but really nothing could. So I'll just sit back and slack and let those more daring of you attempt to concoct edible meals from your food storage.