Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Top Ten Reasons to be Grateful for 2008

10. Caleb finally potty trained (hello cheerio toilet targets!), got rid of his binky, and graduated from "peach dare pee" (i.e. speech therapy)
9. We were able to finally go camping, somewhat successfully, several times as a family this past summer
8. Joseph was successful in 'getting up' and 'staying up' on the wakeboard at the EQ summer boating party activity, unlike 2007
7. Elizabeth turned 18 months earlier this year and was dropped off with great relief and anticipation to the Rosewood Nursery...
6. Emma grew 2" over the last 6 months and climbed back into the 3rd percentile for height and weight, and will no longer need to consider growth hormone therapy at this time
5. There were no issues with small infantile posterity mishandling the Christmas tree
5A. All four children still believe in Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny, but not Big Foot:)
4. Our family as a whole was much healthier than 2007...$400 healthier, as of today's Flex Spending surplus update
3. We did what the government hoped we would do, which we didn't agree with, by spending the stimulus package on a backyard fence
2. I got to meet two of my heroes this year: Glenn Beck and Jenny Oaks Baker

And the top reason the Kelly's have to be grateful for 2008...

--- no, I'm not expecting more infantile posterity--- just checking to see if anyone's awake

1. We received the confirmation tests back on the bizarre nightmare blood tests. Joseph does NOT have a rare and fatal disease (which shall remain nameless) that the BioLife Plasma Center told us he tested positive for. Yeaaa! We will get a chance to see our 401K gain back some of the serious loss and use it to pay, someday several decades from now, for wakeboarding lessons for him in retirement.

What a glorious year despite worries with the economy and future of our country. God bless us, everyone!


Mindy said...

All wonderful things! I hope 2009 brings more!

Kristine said...

I love looking back and counting blessings. Thanks for the example of optimism! Glad that 2008 treated your family well. You are great.

Sharee said...

Thanks for the reminder of looking for the positive in every situation. You are such a great example. Hope you had a great holiday season.

Kelly said...

That is wonderful news about your husband :) Can't wait to come and visit with you again!