Saturday, October 3, 2009

I have two best friends from high school that are still my best friends. This is Danielle Crosby. You know the kind of girlfriend you can go weeks or months without seeing or talking to, but somehow when you reconnect, you can carry on the conversation right where you left off previously? That's my Danielle. We've been through it all together-- cool boyfriends, not-so-cool boyfriends, college, full-time missions (she served a ASL mission in San Diego and Washington D.C. at the same time I was serving in Kentucky), marriage, child-bearing years, and of course in those pre-mission days, summers working and camping in Jackson Hole and college years working for her parents at Zina's Sandwich Shop. It's funny how we still laugh at the same things in between changing diapers as opposed to the summer nights on the banks of the Snake River 18 years ago. She helped me find my testimony and I helped her...well, let's just say I introduced her to 'life less structured.' She has an amazing life story, and I have so much admiration for her. Through thick and thin, as the saying goes, she's in it with me.

She was in Idaho visiting her family over Conference weekend and they graciously stopped by to visit. (I still want those chicken eggs, girl!)
This is the infamous Randy and Zina Peterson. You know, any of you acquainted with Rexburg, theee Zina Peterson of Zina's Sandwiches. Randy and Zina hired me through college to work at their sandwich shop. Danielle and I had way too much fun when we were scheduled to work together. No need to get into specifics here. I love them like family.

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Steve and Megan said...

I hope you don't mind if I comment here (you posted your blog address on FB so I had to come by for a visit). I have to agree with you about Danielle!! After losing each other's information and not seeing her for close to 9 years I got to see her just last weekend again. It totally felt the same as old times. She has a special way as a friend of picking right back up where you left off. Also I love the pictures of Zina and Randy! I haven't seen them in forever!! Like their daughter they haven't changed much!