Sunday, December 20, 2009


Traditions, by definition are practices that create positive feelings and are repeated at regular intervals. The purpose of family traditions is to help foster family closeness. It helps our family have something to look forward to, giving us a sense of reassurance in an ever changing, hectic world.

Christmastime is an excellent time of year to create or carry forth traditions. Hearts are naturally more inclined this time of year to serve others; and more importantly, we celebrate the birth of the central figure of our Faith, Jesus Christ.

I don't profess to be an expert on the subject of creating family cohesiveness. In fact, this looks really good on the screen right now, but we have managed over the years, to really ENJOY Christmas as a family.

Here's one of our sweet and meaningful traditions:

The Journey Dinner

When I was serving a full-time mission for our Church, one of the member families invited us over Christmas Eve for my first ever Journey Dinner. I have carried the idea on every year that we have had children.

For Christmas Eve, we had a dinner consisting of food items that Mary and Joseph might possibly have eaten on their journey to Bethlehem. We eat bread or baguettes, smoked or cured meat, cheeses, olives, dates/raisins, fruit and cookies. (I don't know how authentic we are, but hey, work with me.) We eat this by candlelight and then we read Luke 2, if possible, by candlelight. ~if the small people are cooperating and not blowing out the candles, recreating bodily function sounds, etc. Afterwards, the Mister and I bear simple testimony of the Savior and his purpose in our lives.

We look forward to this every year.


Julie J. said...

That sounds like a beautiful tradition.

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