Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Girl After My Own Heart

This is Queen Elizabeth. She loves to practice her violin. She asks me to turn on the Suzuki Book 1 recordings of "Tinkle Star" in the kitchen and this is the result...she sways back and forth to the music. Only problem is, she wants a violin that actually produces sound. Maybe someday, Queen. Maybe someday...


Julie Loftus said...

One day she'll play just as wonderful as her mom does.

Karol said...

What a doll!! And look at her beautiful bow-hold!

Buffy said...

That is too cute - she is such an adorable little girl.

The Brown Family said...

Mom, she's 3. I think it's about time :)

I will say that my younger kids seem to be wired for the Twinkles. I'm sure she'll crank them out! And it looks like you have already been practicing the 'hard' stuff- bow hold and chocolate posture!

Hills is graduating from Suzuki this month!! It's a bittersweet thing. Libby has her working on other stuff- which I owe you a list of...I'll get on that!

Also, I posted a recipe hidden in the post about Hillary's Sweetheart dress. Just in case you want to try it.