Monday, February 8, 2010

"My Hero" by Josh Kelly

The fourth graders did a unit on heroes in our communities/country, etc. and were asked to present them for the class on Friday. Parents were invited to attend. This is what Josh came up with:

"A hero is someone who is dependable and loyal. What makes a hero special is that the hero cares for other people.

My Dad is my hero because he helps me with projects like my pinewood derby for scouts. He snuggles with me and we wrestle together. He teaches me about guns and we enjoy going shooting together.

This weekend he is going to take me to Kelly Canyon and teach me how to ski. I am excited about it.

My Dad is my hero because he is funny, strong, and cool. I think my Dad has a special purpose on earth because he survived 3 different near-death experiences in his life.

One last thing I like about my Dad is that he speaks French.

My Dad is my hero because I know he loves me and would do anything to help me be happy. I think he is the best Dad ever."
~given Friday, Feb. 5, 2010
~photo taken by Joseph in Mr. Hunsaker's 4th grade class


Buffy said...

That brought a tear to my eye - that is so sweet!

MadMadameMim said...

that is awesome. Just what you want a dad to be, and a boy to think :)

Paul, Beth and kids said...

Awesome! Thanks for sharing. Hey, I saw your post on my "new additions". Here's my response that I wrote to your's & my friends comments-
Annalee- Our first dog was a yorkie that we had for 11 years. A neighbor dog came into our yard and killed her. It was sad!
I had not heard about a mission reunion.
Amanda & Annalee- I did not actually want to do a dog again. I was just not into the responsibility, money spent, and training that it would require. Paul and the kids wanted to, though. Finally after many months I said I would. Sitting here today, I wish that we did not get them. I could probably be semi-okay with the small one indoors, but not 2. Very time consuming and stressful. They are cute, though. However, it is hard to train dogs and kids too. If ever you are considering adding a family dog(s) - feel free to talk to me first. Great mom, Amanda? Maybe crazy mom is more like it. :o

Howling Pickup said...

That made me weep. Joseph is such a good dad and Josh is an amazing young man! WE love you all.