Monday, May 31, 2010

Highlights and Lowlights

This past week has been interesting. Good and bad, I say.

Bad: Sooo much rain here. We've lost some of our garden veggies to frost:(
Good: The lawn is so green! And our basement has never flooded.

Bad: My 4-year old said to me, quite seriously, "Mom, you don't like me sometimes, huh?" (Ouch!)
Good: Everytime my kids leave the house they say "Love you, mom."

Bad: I had to give an 18-minute talk in church yesterday and halfway into it, I started to pass out. I turned and looked at my husband sitting on the stand behind me asking him for help standing, but he misunderstood me. I can't remember the middle two pages of my talk at all. Did I get through all of it? I don't know. What I do know is that I am still embarrassed because people were calling me after church to see if I was okay. Hu--mill--ee--a-ting!
Good: I learned so stinkin' much from preparing for that talk! My testimony grew profoundly on the subject of the Restoration of the Gospel. Dangit, I wish I could have conveyed those thoughts to the congregation.

Good: Lizzie only had one accident this week.
Bad: Lizzie had an accident this week.

Bad: Baseball games in the rain and wind really stink. Six innings + Two Hours + cold rain = unconditional love for my son.
Good: Our neighbor has two sons with Autism. They are starting up a Special Needs Baseball program called "The Field of Angels" and each special needs participant chooses a mentor to help them run the bases, know when to bat/hit/catch, etc. This 12-year old chose my son (who is an underdog at best on his Single A team-first-year). Everyday since he was asked, he gathers his bat and glove and takes his autistic buddy over to the park to practice drills. Priceless.

Very Bad: I had to go to the *butt* doctor this week. It's one thing to go to the OB/GYN for a womanly checkup. There's some dignity in that; but to bend over and spread your abundant cheeks? Not so much. "Got the whole fist up there, doc?"

Very Good: I had a missionary experience with a girl in London via cjane's blog. She loved a quote I sent her about trials (by Elder Maxwell), and she liked it so much, she commented on my blog and put the quote as a header on hers. Very cool, Maddy. God speed.

Unfortunate: the Mister did our laundry and washed my cell phone in with the darks. (Honey! My pants weren't in the dirty laundry basket! Didn't they feel kinda heavy???!!!)
Fortunate: $50 later, I realized how lucky I am that my husband is the kind of guy who helps out with chores. Lay off him a little.

Good: planting flowers, family matinee to see "The Lightning Thief", grilled ribeyes with family and new neighbors tonight, last week of school is upon us, awesome visiting teachers.

Bad: I found a hairstylist in Utah that is cheap and excellent. She did my hair over Conference Weekend. I can't get down there for at least another month. Yucky dark roots.

Sweet: My 4-year old asked me in Wal-Mart (while shopping for flowers to plant) if I knew when he and I will be resurrected. Deep question number two (also in the Garden Center): "What does Satan look like?"


Natalie Darling said...

I washed and dried my cell phone once. I'm not very observant when it comes to laundry. I'm lucky I don't have any kids that pocket hoard.

I also washed my keys with the electronic unlocker on it. Luckily those made it out alive.

Howling Pickup said...

Caleb and Drew remind me so much of each other. Drew is constantly asking me questions that make me realize he is taking it all in. Sorry about the bad but glad you had some good to go with it!

Mindy said...

I loved reading your highlights and lowlights! (Well, I didn't love some of your lowlights, but they remind me that we ALL have lowlights. ;)

Faires Bears and Toads said...

You make me laugh!!!!!!! I am sorry, you do!. As for the church thing, my dad did that once. He started his talk, waivered a bit and fell over like a dead tree. My brother, sitting in the chair behind the pulpit (he had just spoken) was laughing and didn't get up. The first person to respond was the guy on the back row who went booking it up the aisle to help. Paramedics were called. The rest of sacrament meeting consisted of organ music accompanying EMTs. :)

Oh, and I would LOVE to see the quote that you sent to that girl.