Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tithing Settlement & The aRts

Gratitude #17:

Tonight we had tithing settlement. Bishop said we were the very first family for tithing settlement in our ward for 2010. I appreciated his patience as all four of our children toddled in with their Tithing Piggy Banks full of loose change. And for his patience as Caleb and Lizzie inserted 'urgent' comments intermittingly. Such as ~ Lizzie whispers in my ear, "I need to tell Bishop something..." "Bishop," Lizzie says, "Don't say bad words."

Caleb raises his hand and waits for the Bishop to 'call on him' and says, "I know President Monson is important."

Caleb raises his hand again and asks, "How do you get our money to Jesus? I bet he already knows I did a lemonade stand to get it."

As I asked the Bishop (this humble, meek, capable leader we've loved and sustained now for almost 5 years) if he was relieved this would be his last season of conducting tithing settlements. It was a sweet moment. I won't share publicly his reaction and counsel, but it spoke volumes to my testimony.

Gratitude #17, Part 2:
One of my students called up with 6 extra tickets to the Idaho Falls Youth Arts Center's production of "Willy Wonka" and we took our little family. It was amazing. Polished, exciting, musical perfection, from the orchestra pit to the chocolate river... how grateful I am to be able to raise our family in a community where the arts are alive, despite the economic downturn. It is really special, given the small size of this city. We get a taste of culture here-- the Youth Symphony, Idaho FAlls Symphony, Teton Chamber Orchestra, two art museums and the Idaho Museum which takes in major displays (right now we welcome the DaVinci Display). I love it. Love Idaho Falls!

p.s. I'm grateful also for the willingness my children get their church clothes on to attend tithing settlement. The Mister always asks us to do this, as it is in essence, an accounting before the Lord. I love that the children don't complain as we button white shirts and buckle black patent leather shoes, even on a school night. (Although Emma had her t-shirt on under her denim dress...and Caleb had a batman nightshirt on underneath his white shirt. And just don't ask about Lizzie's pink ruffled swimming suit and how it fit into the equation. Some secrets a girl's got a right to keep.)

Now if only I had won the Golden Ticket at intermission... a case of Farr's candy! Mmmm.

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