Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Observations by a 5-year old

This morning at breakfast:

Caleb: "Mom, did you know that Dad is not only bigger and stronger than you, but he is also smarter than you."

Me: "Excuse me?"

(Older children's cereal-filled spoons freeze mid-air to guage my response...)

Caleb: "Yes, Mom. It's true."

Me: "Well, Dad is smarter than me in many ways. Wanna know why I think your Daddy is so smart?" (heads nod) He can build things, he is smarter with technology; and he is good at his career, which mommy knows nothing about."

"But what's something mommy knows a lot about that Daddy doesn't understand?"

~the silence in the room is frightening me~

~nobody offers any ideas~

So I say, "What about music?"

All 4 chitlins giggle politely as they nod their happy little heads and say with a sigh of relief, "OH YES!"

Emma: And you're smarter about braiding and curling our hair, Mama!

~ that certainly calls for celebration; at least an IQ point or two higher for sure~

Me: "So Caleb, why do you think Daddy is smarter than mommy?"

Caleb: "Because he can eat a whole package of Ramen noodles and you can't."

Applicable quote for the day: "When you're feeling down, just remember you're the one sperm that won the race!"

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Kate said...

I just giggled a whole bunch.