Monday, March 9, 2009

March Family Updates

Let's face it. It's expensive to be honest. I'm self employed with 25 violin students, so Uncle Sam doesn't adore me so much. Joseph and I are getting ready to pay our taxes. And it's expensive. I know of other music teachers that require cash only as payment for this very reason... they don't report their income. This is tempting, I admit. However, my temple recommend is the most valuable thing I own.

Joseph and I are going to the temple Thursday night with the Elder's Quorum presidency and their wives. Friday night, we're going to the We Surround Them party at Lezhai Gulbransen's. Everybody's invited! (She gave me permission to invite all of you out there in blogland) These parties are being hosted all around the country Friday the 13th. It will be interesting and uplifting.

As for an update on the kids, we just finished Parent Teacher Conferences; both of which went great. My kids are avid readers. Last trimester, Josh reached 221% of his AR goal and Emma has read every Junie B. Jones book the public library has in stock and is reading at a 4th grade, 2nd month reading level. Now she's on to Cam Jensen mysteries... Today she is excited because her dad is picking her up from school for a daddy/daughter date. Dun, dun, dun... to the library!
(Hey, whatever works, right?)

Caleb has been wearing his boots and coat for 45 minutes already, in anticipation of preschool this morning at 10:00. Yesterday in sacrament meeting, he was very IRREVERENT. That is being polite.

Elizabeth is potty training. There's something so cute about chubby bum cheeks in training pants, don'tcha think? There is nothing cute, however, about cleaning up urine off the floor.

That's the update... now if we could get some warmer temperatures, I think I'd be a new woman! Have a good week, everybody. Carry on!


Mindy said...

I love your updates, and I LOVE that daddy daughter date idea! That's totally something my dad and I would have loved, since we're both voracious readers.

Ugh... taxes. I was almost glad that I only had 3 students for only 3 months in 2008. ;)

Kristine said...

We're getting our taxes ready too, and self-employed is rough! Hope that potty-training goes better this week. I loved loved your lesson on Sunday. I always enjoy when you are teaching. And I've been practicing and looking forward to my lesson next week. Have a great day!

Jessica said...

Way to be honest. Not always easy but always good. And that daddy-daughter date seems just about perfect to me. I'm always willing to browse the children's section. Picture books are terrific.
Have a good one!
p.s. I'm going to need potty-training tips soon! Well as soon as Miss P decides she work her own pants.