Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ever Having One of Those Days?

Some days just merit the "Crappy Mom Award". Yesterday was one of those days, no less. I won't bore you with the details, but the highlight of my day was Book Club last night. We discussed the book "The Continuous Atonement" which I mentioned in the earlier post. A truly enlightening read. We discussed this concept (feelings of inadequacy, spinning our wheels trying to keep it all together...anybody know how that feels?)

"Don't worry about if you have done enough. Rather, ask if what you have done is acceptable to God. In those anxious moments, the greatest comfort I have found is in knowing any effort is pleasing to God even if He and I both know it's not my all or my best. Elder Gerald N. Lund wrote: "Remember that one of Satan's strategies, especially with good people, is to whisper in their ears: 'if you are not perfect, you are failing.' This is one of his most effective deceptions...We should recognize that God is pleased with every effort we make--no matter how faltering--to better ourselves."

And then I found this beautiful picture: My naughty little 3-year old is peacefully enjoying his slumber. He is clean, content and asleep. I am enough, at least for today.


Chrishel said...

Lovely times. Just know I am with you. I tell myself not to feel sorry for myself because others have it much worse, but it is hard sometimes. I do think you have it much more together than I do if that helps any. Keep up that spiritual stuff. It helps me.

Rachel H. said...

OH ANNALEE! I am soooo happy to have met you today! I hope we can get together again. Glad to have your blog safely stored in my google reader now! :)Hhope to see you again soon!

mommymelb said...

It was so wonderful to have met you! Thank you for inviting us to your home! And thank-you for sharing this quote, it makes me happy.

And I am up for Cafe Rio fact give a yell and I'll come running! :)