Tuesday, June 30, 2009

From the News Corner...

Emma, age 7, loves to pretend she is a news reporter. Here is her latest current event:


We have had burns, and also peopl have goten burnt. The burns are very very bad. The burns were so, so bad, that most peopl have goten burnt."

(spelling and punctuation has not been modernized)

I think there's some potential there...maybe?


Kristine said...

i LOVE reading little kids' writing. So cute! Tell her to keep it up! She's got a solid thesis statement there. :)

Howling Pickup said...

So profound of Emma! I appreciated all of your "soapbox" comments. I totally agree with them and Andrew and I stand by the same standards. Can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks!

Jessica said...

Love it! My brothers and I wrote an entire newspaper one time. I remember it being hilarious... maybe my mom still has that..
Also, the link to the cobbler is the word 'this' right before it. Or you can find it on the Pioneer Woman's Cooking section under fruit desserts.

Jessica said...

Frozen blueberries and an 8x8 pan should be fine. And make sure you butter the heck out of the pan. My stuff stuck a little on the edges.