Monday, June 1, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

In the evening, we had our good friends and neighbors, the Meldrum's over for a BBQ. Later, the Hazekamp's joined us as well. Thanks for coming over, guys!

One of the things we love about Idaho Falls is all the family friendly activities. Year round the city offers worthwhile, inexpensive activities. One of my favorites is "The Title of Liberty" Foundation.
(I think that's what they're called?) Near our home, there is a huge empty plot of land which was donated to this organization. Over the Memorial Day weekend, the organization hoisted the U.S. flag, the Title of Liberty flag, and I'm assuming the yellow flag is the reminder of our armed forces currently serving our country in Afghanistan and Iraq. We really love that by July 4, the organization will have 1776 U.S. flags ready to post in the ground and families can volunteer to carry a flag down Broadway Street as part of the patriotic festivities leading up to the Fourth. On the morning of July 4, they have a simple Patriotic program at this same location. It was a wonderful non-denominational gathering celebrating our freedoms and our Constitution. When they get the 1776 flags planted, it is a striking scene and draws my mind to the majesty of this great land.


Chrishel said...

Do you know who is over this? I am trying to get Greg to come up here for the 4th and I don't know if it will work or not but I would love to see if he could participate in it some how.

Mindy said...

Fun stuff! That picture of you with your friend is so cute! Both of you have amazing eyes!!

crack'n up ourselves said...

Good food and good friends made for a great weekend!