Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I'm Pretty Much Disgusted By It All...

The life and death of Michael Jackson...here are a few of my thoughts:

My Answers:

No, there should not be a national holiday named after him.
Yes, his family should have to pay the millions of dollars to provide all the security surrounding his memorial services (not the state of California, which is in fiscal crisis as it is.)
Yes, he revolutionized the pop music and culture of our time, but I can think of other heroes worthy of our consideration.

My Questions:

Why are we eulogizing such a broken icon?
What good did he do if he wasn't comfortable in his own skin?


Jessica said...

Amen.. I wish I never had to hear his name again. Ugh...

Sharee said...

I am SO TIRED of hearing about him Over and OVER again. GET over him already, he is dead. It is sad that he has already sold more albums in the past 7 days than ever before. Oh brother.

I Love the new Family Picture!!