Saturday, September 10, 2011

September Musings

1. Today my 6-year old learned to ride his bike without training wheels! (This is one of those mental snapshots you hold close to your heart:)

2. I turned 38 last week. I got a VitaMix blender for my birthday. We make homemade smoothies and salsa almost daily.

3. I am now a Shelf Reliance consultant. I am excited about this because I get to build my food storage twice as fast and for half the price. Plus I get paid to do it.

4. I am still a Pampered Chef consultant. I have been obsessed with kitchen gadgets for years. But to keep my hobby in check, I make myself throw some old kitchen item away before I get a new Pampered Chef gadget. That way I keep my addiction in check ;)

5. I'm grateful our garden produced well this year. The zucchini gods in particular, have been very fertile.

6. Things I love about fall: making soups and breads from scratch, pumpkins, spices, Halloween, General Conference.

7. Things I hate about fall: less daylight, the impending winter, schedules, routines.

8. Things I love about summer: snow cones, watermelon, grilling, hiking, feeling green grass beneath my feet, fresh fruits and veggies in season, our wedding anniversary, bike riding, having my kiddos home all day with me.

9. Things I hate about summer: flies, weeding, having my kiddos home all day with me.

10. Tonight I went on a moonlight bike ride with my Christmas Joy. We rode next to each other in silence, enjoying the quiet of the warm night. As we approached our neighborhood, he said to me, "Mom, what do you remember about 9/11?" (He was a toddler then.) After I responded, he asked how the attacks made me feel. "Angry and sad," I reflected.

11. I has taken us 5 years to get to know one of our neighbors. They were very guarded and seemingly unfriendly. Some simple events have softened their hearts toward us, I suppose. I'm glad about that.

12. My kids invited a non-LDS neighborhood boy to church last week. He showed up on our doorstep two hours early, dressed in a new suit and tie. I hope he'll come tomorrow, too.

13. Our September Ensign and Friend magazines have literally disappeared into thin air. I didn't even get to open them. I'm sad.

14. I love our Book Club. I enjoy reading good literature and having thought-provoking discussions about the material. Plus the ladies in our group are awesome.

15. My Vita-Mix is flippin' awesome. It can grind wheat, make soups, sorbets, ice cream, sauces and smoothies in minutes. When I make our smoothies, I drop a whole carrot, handfuls of spinach, whole beets and unpeeled kiwi (or oranges or apples, frozen berries, bananas or whatever else I find) in with ice and yogurt. My kids drink them happily, not knowing they are drinking a salad.

16. I wish I was a better housekeeper. Toilets especially gross me out. The Mister graciously cleaned them the first several years we were married. Now the kids are old enough to do it. Other people's DNA is just not my thing.

17. I love picking split ends out of my hair. I also like popping my kids' white heads on their noses.

18. Why don't Jimmer and Jake Heaps go on missions? Then I'd really be impressed.

19. Why are the vast majority of active Latter-day Saints Republican?

20. I've lost 10 pounds since June. I wish I could lose some jiggly goodness surrounding my girth. Front and center. I hate looking 12 weeks pregnant all the time.


Mindy said...

1. Another friend just blogged about her kid getting rid of training wheels too! Must be in the air. :)

2.Happy Birthday! And what a great present. :)

3.4.5. Very cool. Like you don't have enough to do. ;)

6. I'm with you on everything except halloween. Ugh. I hate it.

7. I'm with you except for schedules and routines. I like those. :)

8. Yes. Except my anniversary is in the winter.

9. LOL! YES!

10. Love that you went for a moonlight bike ride.

11. I'm so glad... it's hard to have negative feelings toward people you live right next to.

12. Fabulous! And that is so cute that he was so early. He must have been excited!

13. Go to the distribution and get replacements. :)

14. Fun!

15. I always put spinach in my smoothies. I never put as much for the kids as I do for myself. They don't appreciate it.

16. I love cleaning toilets. Snort. Ha. Noooo.

17. I get my split ends too. Don't really like picking other people's zits... and it's funny that that DNA doesn't bother you. ;)

18. Thumbs up.

19. I think partly tradition... because people tend to go the way their parents did. I think partly because a lot of the republican beliefs seem more in line with our religious beliefs. Not all, just maybe more than the democratic beliefs? I don't know... what do you think?

20. Congratulations on the 10 lbs.! Keep up the good work. :)

Kate said...

I loved this post.

I love the 4th of July and my birthday, water skiing, rock climbing, and sleeping in. I don't love mosquitoes and spending all day with my family (Call me a horrible person, but it's true).

I love football and waking up early, routine, learning, hiking in the not-killer heat, raking leaves, and Thanksgiving. I don't love cold. But I do like sweaters and argyle socks. :)