Sunday, January 15, 2012

Gum Wrappers

Our Sunday night scripture study ended something like this:

"Hey! My Topical Guide smells like fruit!", said the 12-year old son.

"Excuse me?", said the tired mother.

"I've been collecting gum wrappers for a few months and I put them in my scriptures to keep us entertained in Sunday School." (--deacon says matter-of-factly)

"Joshua Joseph Kelly! What in thee heck are you talking about?" (-- disgruntled mama)

"Jared collects gum wrappers at home to bring to me, and Mitchell and I iron them out and place them by color in the "P" pages of my Topical Guide. Some green, some gold, one pink, two purple, and 27 silver."

Random, I know.

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