Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Random Musings

Caleb looked up from his homework this evening and said, "Mom, make sure and fulfill your destiny."
I started to chuckle.

"What is my destiny?"

"To love."

For reals. This kid has my heart wrapped around his tiny little energetic finger.

I'm a bit nervous for Sunday-- a member of the high council asked me to speak with him in another ward in our stake. I haven't done that since I got home from my mission. The topic is wonderful, and I am enjoying pondering the principle, "The Power of Scripture." (Any ideas?!)

This 'no-snow' thing in January is hard on my psyche...

I love bartering with students. I have a few families that clean and/or cook in trade for lessons. I relish not having to cook Tuesdays or Thursdays and have my bathrooms cleaned weekly. Now if only I didn't feel shy about having someone fold my laundry whites, I'd be rocking. (Just kidding.)

I play in the Teton Chamber Orchestra for Richard Marx next month. Also, he will be recording our performance with him for a new cd/dvd. I bought his new album, and I really like some of his newer songs-- very ballad-like. (And without the mullet.) And soulful. My musical aspiration for February is to have him autograph my violin case next to David Archuleta. Hmph. Somehow I think his security might be a bit tighter than Archie's.

I love my new little Primary class. And I have a really awesome co-teacher.

I'm hooked on a new series called "Drop Dead Diva". Pretty funny-- in a Legally Blonde sort of way.

The Mister sent me a sexy *but chaste* text today. It made the corners of my mouth turn up.

I caught my almost-5-year-old unabashedly wearing my bra a few days ago. She stuffed socks into it to... uh, give it some dimension. At least it wasn't a nursing bra. I still can't figure out how she tied knots in the back to get rid of the slack.

As much as I hate winter, I do wish it would snow. I feel like I'm in a time warp-- winter in southeast Idaho is having an identity crisis.

I'm sad the Idaho Falls Cannery (wet-pack) will be closing soon:(

Mitt took New Hampshire. This makes me glad. Santorum has some strong points, too. Jon Huntsman is merely a vote splitter. The next several months will be politically interesting indeed.

Time for some white laundry folding. What good are New Year's Resolutions if you aren't consistent?


Mindy said...

Great random musings. :) Bartering is nice, isn't it? Sometimes I miss teaching... I haven't been teaching for about 8 months. Eric told me to come up for the Richard Marx concert, but I don't think I'm going to be able to make it... that week is already a little hairy. :( I'll just continue to live in envy of you guys.

Kate said...

Elder Scott's talk from Oct General Conference is fantastic and all about scripture.

Howling Pickup said...

My lesson last week was on the power of scripture. Are you basing it off of Elder Scott's conference talk last October? If not, it's a goody. I'm sure by now you have it all prepared and ready to go. I am sure it will be wonderful. xoxo