Saturday, September 13, 2008

Palin, Politics, and Pre-marital Sex

How do you feel about Sarah Palin? I thought she was a great choice for McCain, based on her conservative politics, strong and articulate poise, and her strong pro-family, pro-life values. (Not to mention her fiscal policies!) However, there is one thing missing. Read the article on Mormon Times and see what you think. I loved it. Enjoy!


Mindy said...

I like Sarah Palin a LOT! I read the article, and found it interesting. I've still been throwing the thoughts around to decide what I think. I don't think there will be the "Bristol effect", as the author worries, and I see a lot of good influences too... such as not aborting, looking at the option of making a family with the father, instead of just going it alone... I do think it might be good to express sadness, but worry that the media would misconstrue that and turn it into something ugly, as they do most everything else. Hmmm... food for thought! Thanks!

Annalee Kelly said...

I think you're right about a trend not necessarily becoming a threat. I do think there was little remorse shown over the situation. Although, there probably was behind closed doors.