Friday, January 23, 2009

I Am Mad!

Two headlines in today's news make me furious! First of all, President Barry Obama's first day in office: His priority is shutting down Guantanamo Bay. What's wrong with that you may ask? Don't foreign terrorists have rights? Sure, they have human rights, but they should not have access to American rights and liberties. And what about the rights of the victims of 9/11? Unfortunately they no longer have any. So today's Fox News headline stated that Al Quaeda's chief was released from Gitmo and sent back to his home in Yemen. I hate the fact that Obama is soft on terrorism. What will he do if and when there is another terrorist attack-- where will we detain the terrorists? It better not be on American soil. The terrorists do not, I repeat, DO NOT deserve access to our court systems and the luxury of our current prison system. Yet, they do not deserve to be released to the judgment of their own country either; many of which support and fund terrorism. Where will Obama put future terrorists? They shouldn't be on our soil again, ever. Not even to be tried in our court system using our tax dollars. Gitmo, being a military facility on the tip of Cuba is the perfect place.

Headline number two: "How Teens Feel About Pornography: Studies show that teens find three valuable uses for porn. 1) positive interaction between themselves and their peers. 2) Porn is a valuable information source as teens begin navigating their sexuality. 3)It is an inspiration for sexual excitement."
What a worldy fallacy the Adversary has painted. And you remember last week's big headling:
"22-Year Old Sells Her Virginity Online to Highest Bidder".

What a blessing it is to have the guiding light of the Restored Gospel in these tumultuous times. I love that our General Young Women leaders have added the new value, Virtue, to the theme this year! How prophetic and visionary are our leaders! And let me end on a positive summary from Elder Holland:

"Both research and experience show that parental love and a happy home is the strongest defense our children have against anything the lords of darkenss can throw at them."


Jessica said...

I am also very shocked about the girl selling her virginity. Sad day.

Jessica said...

He said he normally charges $100, but since you're family (I feel like the Godfather..) it would only be $60. Cuz we love ya!
He would do all the processing and photoshopping. Then he releases all the rights to the pictures to you. You can just print as many as you want in whatever sizes you want. We like to use Sam's Club.

Sharee said...

Thanks for the information, I have not wanted to keep up on anything with Obama. I have been sick to my stomach from election day about what this means for our future. Thank you for the reminder that we just need to hold true to our faith and that will prevail above all else. Thanks for the great example.