Wednesday, January 14, 2009

the rough draft...

I should preface the Mission Statement by showing you the kids' contributions so you can see how we enlarged their ideas (things they thought were important in our family) :

JOSH: "support each other" = "celebrate each other's achievements"
"wrestling dad"
"reading scriptures together and being kind to others" = studying scriptures as a
family helps us have a heart like the Savior's
"have fun doing things together"
EMMA: "tell the truth" = "we value honesty"
"share our feelings" = create a home where we feel safe to share...
"hugs and kisses"
"say 'please' and 'thank you' and 'I'm sorry'" = being respectful even when we are
frustrated or angry (a challenge in our home)
CALEB: "I'm glad we have spiderman pajamas and walls in our house"=???

And Mom and Dad filled in the rest, but the kids (obviously the older ones with some sort of critical thinking abilities) did a great job coming up with things they felt were important. This particular FHE was quite crazy due to the two toddlers mistaking this activity for a pillow fight, but the older kids seemed to enjoy it despite the chaos!

Now does anyone have any ideas as to what I do with this project to put it up somehow in our kitchen?


crack'n up ourselves said...

Your family is a great example to us. I enjoyed your talk at the Temple. I wish I could give talks like you.

Jessica said...

I love your kids comments. I hope we can hang out more in the future. I wish we made it to more family events.

Sharee said...

I enjoyed catching up on your blog. Your husband gave a great talk on Sunday. I am glad I was able to read the mission statement. Thanks for setting a good example. I have a few ideas for putting this up in your kitchen if you would like to hear them give me a call.

Howling Pickup said...

I love your mission statement. You could get it printed in a large font and frame it. If you wanted to make it cutesy you could use a photoshop program and add a picture of your family, a background, border, etc. Nice work!

melissa said...

I agree with Amber~print it out on some nice paper in a cute font and then take the kids to Walmart to help choose out a frame to go in your kitchen.
Love ya!