Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Kelly Family Mission Statement 2009

We, the Kelly Family love each other very much. We love to spend time together having fun, laughing and praying together. We enjoy giving lots of hugs and kisses and wrestling with Dad. This helps us feel good about our love for each other.

We try to be respectful of each other by using good manners and sharing, even when we feel frustrated and angry. We value honor and truth and hard work, even when it is not popular. We love having family traditions because it helps create memories that will strengthen our family circle.

We try to celebrate each other's achievements and want our home to be a place where we feel safe to share ideas, feelings and worries. We want to treat everyone that enters our home like a child of God. We can best learn how to do this by making regular family scripture study a cherished habit. When we learn about the Savior's life and Gospel, it will sink into our hearts and then we can share that light and love with those around us.


Mindy said...


Kristine said...

Annalee, that is beautiful. What a neat thing to do with your family.
I knew a family who put up their last name in nice lettering and then framed the mission statement underneath.

melissa said...

What a great mission statement~I think it would be nice to frame it also~maybe let the kids help you pick out the frame?? Having 5 is good~some days I think, this is wonderful and others I think, "what am I DOING??" You know how that goes. It was so great having my mom here though~it makes me want to be closer to them. Hopefully, not much longer! Love you!