Thursday, November 5, 2009

Gratitude Day 2

Today I'm grateful for...
1) Pepperoncini's dipped in ranch. Mmm...finger lickin' good.

2) Beethoven's Ode to Joy. I'm in the thick of Beethoven dress rehearsals. Last night we rehearsed with the full chorus and soloists. It is sublime and powerful. It strengthens my knowledge that God lives, He inspired great composers and artists hundreds of years ago...because He loves us today. Most people of Beethoven's era didn't appreciate his music. So often it is--humanity is slow to embrace new beauty until after the artist dies. If you ever hear a live performance of this great Work, you will be changed. I guarantee it. I can't wait to meet Ludwig someday in the hereafter...and tug a lock of his fiercely wild hair.

~and I'm so thrilled the Mister is coming to hear it and see me play!
~tickets for the Idaho Falls performance can be purchased by calling 529-1080.

1 comment:

Paul, Beth and kids said...

I am looking forward to the performance tonight. We are sitting in the balcony aisle 3 seat A-6. We will be "cheering" for you. :)
Yes, the Jungle Book was wonderful. The kids LOVED it. We are headed to see Annie on Monday night and then Youthful Expressions on the 20th.
Best wishes tonight!