Saturday, November 21, 2009

Gratitude Day 9

I am grateful for the funny things my kids say.

1) Emma asked me last night, "Mom, is Santa Claus a member of the Church?"

2) I'm grateful for my wonderful grandparents, who celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary this year. Tonight is an open house for them in Missoula, MT. Wish we could be there.

3) I'm grateful for my sister Sarah. It is fun to spend some time with her this weekend. She is tons of fun and my kids are crazy about her.

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The Brown Family said...

I wish you/some of your students would have been at Terry Durbin. It was kind of dramatic- he had flight problems so arrived very late- but he was still in fine form and just as funny and energetic as ever. It is always fun to watch the kids play with him.

Hillary will graduate in February when Utah County does their graduation. We will continue taking from Libby. She already has Hillary working on various pieces. We love Libby so much- she is so dedicated to violin and it really is her life right now. She is great for Hillary, still loves and encourages Maddie- even though Maddie will only play when coerced, and she is great for Pearl and Grace, too. I will always owe you big for the referral! If we can't have you- Libby is the very best alternative!