Thursday, November 12, 2009

Gratitude Day 8

1) I am grateful for Book Club. We just finished the third novel in the Tending Roses series: Language of the Sycamores by Lisa Wingate. I highly recommend them!

2) Spicy dill pickles (home canned) from Chrishel. (I even drink the pickle juice until it's all gone. Shhh...don't tell anybody. And don't come any closer.)

3) the Mister's steadfastness...he went to the temple tonight with some other Elders in the ward, even though he had a headache.

4) the Mister surprised Emma with a happy meal at the school cafeteria. It's a great daddy-daughter date and it sure beats mom's jelly sandwiches.

5) the Mister called to pay a medical bill over the phone and the Sleep Institute took $200 off our bill! Saweeet!

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