Monday, December 27, 2010

2010 Family Christmas Letter

Dear Friends and Family,

We hope this Christmas letter finds each of you well! Here are our recent updates for 2010:

Joseph enjoys gardening, wood-working (his current project is building a bunk-bed for the girls), and shooting guns with Annalee and Josh. Joseph was released after serving 3 years as the ward Elder’s Quorum President and now enjoys serving in the scouting program and 11-year old Sunday School. He is still employed as the Regional Purchasing/Inventory Controller with Ferguson Enterprises.

Annalee continues teaching 35 private violin students (5:30- 7:30 a.m. and 1– 3:00 p.m.); she also became a Pampered Chef consultant which she enjoys; she also loves reading, baking and camping with our family. Her biggest regret of 2010: When Emma lost her second tooth and faithfully placed it under her pillow, Annalee forgot until it was time to wake up Emma for school…so she ransacked Emma’s piggy bank for a buck. Nope, she didn’t win the Mother of the Year Award this year, but she realizes a huge part of parenting is improvisingJ

Josh (age 10) received his Arrow of Light (the highest cub scout award), enjoys Advanced Placement math, and started playing the cello this year. His Dad also taught him how to ski, and he played baseball with the KC Royals this year! This year for the first time, he bore his testimony in fast and testimony meeting at church. Our favorite quote by Josh in 2010: “Mom and Dad, I feel the Holy Ghost telling me I shouldn’t go see that movie.” {referring to his Father/Son date to go see Harry Potter7.} We love that he calls home voluntarily from his friends house, “just to check in.” Now if he would just refrain from mummifying his sister’s Barbies by wrapping them in toilet paper and duct tape…

Emma (age 8) chose to be baptized this year and continues to love spelling, violin and soccer. She has a very creative imagination, and has an imaginary friend whom she affectionately refers to as ‘Sir Laurentzen.’ Our favorite quotes by Emma in 2010: “Mom, do you think I am bursting with talent?” and {Note handwritten by Emma, which we found coming home from a date; taped to the front door, it read:} “Sarah (aunt/babysitter) and I have been transported to another world, but don’t worry—the other kids are safe.”

Caleb (age 5) started kindergarten this fall and is enjoying it immensely. (Mostly the privilege of riding the bus.) He loves legos and superheroes, and really, really loves to pray. (As evidenced by the fact that at any given dinner, we have an average of 3 prayers.) Our favorite quotes by Caleb in 2010: “Satan doesn’t have a very good future, does he? But we sure do, don’t we, Dad? and “Since Jesus was killed on the cross, I’m really looking forward to dying some other way.”

Elizabeth (age 3) is such a joy. She is playing the violin (begging daily to practice) and has started learning “I’m a Happy Monkey”/ “Mississippi Hot Dog”. She is in a children’s singing class and thoroughly enjoys it. She is perfectly happy if she can play ‘babies’ and change her clothes hourly. Favorite quote by Lizzie in 2010: {During Tithing Settlement}: Bishop, don’t litter and don’t say bad words.”

God bless all of our dear friends and loved ones this holiday season.


The Kelly Family

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What a cute letter. :) That was sweet of you to send us one! It's so fun reading about little things your kids have said. :)