Friday, December 17, 2010

Our Christmas Joy

Tonight (Friday, Dec. 17) my almost 11-year old was over at a friend's having fun. He came home after the other little ones were in bed, and when he found out that he missed family prayer, he was upset. He got after me for not calling him home so he could kneel down with us...

This is the same boy who waited months for HP7 to come out, and then quietly pulled us aside an hour before he and the Mister were going to see it to say, "Mom and Dad, I feel the Holy Ghost telling me I shouldn't go see that movie."

This is the same kid who saved 3 weeks worth of allowance only to turn around and donate every penny and dollar of it to his elementary school's Coins for Christmas charity last week...

This special boy fasted longer than I did last Sunday... and he bore his testimony publically that same day (for his very first time). Without any bribes... on his own accord.

And when we were getting ready to go see a matinee recently, I wanted to save a few bucks by sticking a candycane in his pocket for a treat... he shook his head at me and said, "No, mom. That's not honest. The sign says 'no outside food or drink allowed.'"

He was born on Christmas night after a harrowing and difficult 22-hour labor. His name in Hebrew means "JESUS." (We chose the name Joshua long before we were even pregnant.) He is our firstborn son. His mortal father's name is Joseph. And I think someday God has a special mission for him. He is excited to be a full-time missionary someday. He tells us this. I love what he is teaching me. And I am extremely inadequate to be his mother. He is raising me.

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